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Mr. Claude J. Pellan,
L.L.B., B.Comm., Attorney

(450) 674-5551


1030, rue du Rucher
Magog (Québec) J1X 5H7


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1030, rue du Rucher
Magog (Québec) J1X 5H7

Website: http://www.claudepellan.com

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Telephone: (450) 674-5551
Fax: (450) 674-9022
Email address: info@cjpavocats.com


 The Question Corner

This is a new service. There are no subscription or user fees. To use this service, all you have to do is send a question on franchising or business law in general to c.pellan@hotmail.com and, on Friday mornings once every two (2) weeks, I will choose a few questions of general interest and answer them by email. I will not be giving any legal opinions through this service, but rather providing advice, pointing you in the right direction or providing points of reference to assist to resolve the problem or to answer questions that are asked.

The questions and answers will be sent to other in franchising (unless otherwise indicated in the email) that may have the same question or wish to comment the question or my answer, without identifying the person that asked the question.

If an answer to a question is urgent, please specify it in the email. I will provide by best efforts to respond to the question as quickly as possible.


Emergency Services


  1. Write to me at info@cjpavocats.com or at c.pellan@hotmail.com;
  2. Notify my assistant between 9am and 5pm that you have an emergency; and/or
  3. Call on my cellular telephone: (514) 703-2195
Priority services

In the event a client wishes to ensure in advance the availability of my services to execute mandates during a year, my services may be reserved on the basis of annual retainer of $5,000.00.

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