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Franchisor Services

Fields of expertise
  • Franchise law                                                 
  • Business law
  • Commercial and Civil Litigation
  • Injonctions and Safeguard Orders
  • Commercial law
  • Corporate law
  • Publicity law
  • Real estate law
  • Surety law
  • General civil law  
Examples of mandates
  • Purchase/sale of a franchise;
  • Acquisition/sale of a franchise network;
  • Start-up, management and development of a franchise network;
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of a franchise concept;
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts;
  • Exporting franchise concepts outside Quebec;
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts;
  • Providing advice and legal opinions within the fields of expertise hereinabove mentioned;
  • Drafting and reviewing Operation manuals;
  • Drafting and reviewing Disclosure documents;
  • Advising other lawyers on franchising;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Incorporation and organization of companies;
  • Drafting and reviewing contest rules;
  • Reviewing publicity (newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.);
  • Creating and instauring dispute management systems in franchise networks;
  • Drafting and reviewing dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Corporate reorganizations;
  • Succession planning; and
  • Drafting and reviewing rules of governance, internal procedures and policies, minutes of meetings and resolutions.
Types of contracts
  • Master franchise agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Offer to purchase/sale assets/shares
  • Moveable hypothec
  • Letter of intent
  • Management agreement
  • Area Development agreement
  • Peaceful Enjoyment Agreement
  • Employment contract
  • Rental space acknowledgement
  • Commercial lease
  • Sublease agreement
  • Option to Lease
  • Loan agreement
  • Services contracts (ex. marketing,sponsors,supplier of products/servicesIT,publicity,training)
  • Equipment lease agreement
  • Shareholder/Partnership agreements
  • Mandate
  • Wills
  • Operations Manual
  • Deposit Agreement
  • Manufacturing agreement
  • Regional Development Agreement
  • Guarantee
  • Distribution agreement
  • Non-disturbance agreement
  • Licence agreement
  • Joint venture agreement
  • Franchise request form
  • Credit check information form
  • Non-competition agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Change of franchisor agreement
  • Proxy
  • Operations agreement
  • Rental space agreement
  • Lease transfer agreement
  • Offer to lease
  • Resolutions
  • Transfer of a franchise
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Credit research request form
  • Sale of Equipment Agreement
  • Purchase/Sale of assets/shares agreements


Other documents and services
  • Demand letter;
  • Legal translation services;
  • Updating minute books;
  • Registration of moveable hypothecs;
  • Contest rules;
  • Initial declaration and annual reports;
  • Name search and registration; and
  • Prior notice of exercise of rights.

as well as all other ancillary documents and services to those hereinabove mentioned.


Services and Training
  • The mandate: the agreement between a client and a law firm
  • Training of executives and managers in business law
  • The management of a file before the Courts
  • How to choose a law firm?
  • Creating, managing and developing a legal department in a company
  • The evaluation of a company’s requirements for legal services
  • How to choose an attorney for a company?
  • The standardization of contracts in a company
  • The creation of a profit centre in an in-house legal department
  • The role of an attorney in a company
  • The management of an in-house legal department
  • The transition to a new law firm
  • Costs/benefit analysis of creating a legal department and evaluating an existing one
  • Legal research: who, what, when, why and how?
  • Training services for reviewing invoices for professional services
  • The prevention of disputes in franchising
  • The management of disputes in a franchise network - Dispute Management Systems
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms
  • How to understand a legal opinion?
  • Your rights: Understanding Professional Billing
  • How to explain professional fees to the Board of Directors?
  • The relationship between a company and a law firm
B. Dispute Resolution Mecanisms and Dispute Management Systems
Index of book by Claude J. Pellan

 I Introduction

II The Big Picture - Dispute Management Systems
    1.0 Disputes
    2.0 Sources of disputes
    3.0 Dispute resolution mecanisms
    4.0 Dispute management
    5.0 Dispute management systems
    6.0 Why study dispute management systems in the field of franchising? 

III Exploration
    1.0 Exploration committee
    2.0 External consultant
    3.0 Contexts
          3.1 Study of the organization
          3.2 Study of disputes
          3.3 Study of the existing dispute management system
          3.4 Study of business partners
          3.5 Study of the environment
          3.6 Portrait of the context
    4.0 Communication channels
    5.0 Objective and strategy
          5.1 Objective(s)
          5.2 Strategy
    6.0 Study of the feasability of introducing a dispute management system

    7.0 Governance
    8.0 Strategic partnering

    9.0 Choice and communication of decision

  10.0 Report and presentation

IV Conception

   1.0 Conception committee
   2.0 External consultant
   3.0 Resources
   4.0 Selection
   5.0 Training
   6.0 Other resources
   7.0 Documents
        7.1 Mission and corporate strategy
        7.2 Rules, policies and programs
        7.3 List of contracts and other documents
    8.0 Motivation
          8.1 Introduction of dispute management system
          8.2 Use of dispute resolution mecanisms
    9.0 Prevention
   10.0 Publicity campaign
   11.0 Introduction of dispute resolution mecanisms
          11.1 Methods
          11.2 Will of the parties
          11.3 Reverse dispute resolution mecanism
    12.0 Who drafts the dispute resolution mecanism?
    13.0 Between who and to what applies the dispute resolution mecanism?
            13.1 Between who?
            13.2 What does it apply to?
    14.0 What are the legal forms of dispute resolution mecanisms?
            14.1 Internal dispute resolution mecanisms
            14.2 External dispute resolution mecanisms
    15.0 Step by step treatment process for disputes
    16.0 Summary report
    17.0 Communication
    18.0 List of things to do

V Introduction of a dispute management system
   1.0 Introduction committee

   2.0 Mission and corporate strategy

   3.0 Rules, procedures and programs
   4.0 Contracts and other documents - Incorporation of the dispute resolution mecanism
   5.0 Training
   6.0 Resources
   7.0 Selection
   8.0 Motivation
   9.0 Introduction strategies   
        9.1 New franchisees

        9.2 Expiry of the term of franchise agreements
        9.3 The entire franchise network
        9.4 Business partners
        9.5 Strategic partners
        9.6 Important changes to the franchise network
        9.7 Pilot project 

    10.0 Report

    11.0 Communication

VI Evaluation

    1.0 Evaluation committee
    2.0 Objective(s)
    3.0 Dispute management system
    4.0 Dispute resolution mecanism
    5.0 Report
    6.0 Communication

VII Administration

    1.0 Administration committee
    2.0 Budget
    3.0 Annual report
    4.0 Communication

VIII Hypothecary recourses

IX Impartition

    1.0 New uses

    2.0 Increasing the utilization rate of dispute resolution mecanisms

X Why introduce a dispute management system in a franchise network?

XI Constraints and reserves to introducing a dispute management system

XII Analysis of existing dispute management systems and dispute resolution mecanisms

XIII Conclusions 













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