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Mr. Claude J. Pellan,
L.L.B., B.Comm., Attorney

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The Firm

After having acquired over 19 years of experience working as an attorney in the field of commercial law, mainly with franchisors, franchisees and the other business partners in a franchise network, I decided to use my experience in franchising and business to service two (2) target markets, one composed of franchisors and the other one composed of the other players in franchising (manufacturers, franchisees, suppliers, etc.).

I offer the traditional services of an attorney specialized in franchise law as well as general business law. This field mainly encompasses offering legal advice and services in drafting, negotiating and reviewing of all types of contracts.

I also offer consulting services . This field encompasses offering private and public companies advice, training, consulting, analysis and studies with respect to franchising.

Creating and instauring dispute management systems in the field of franchising are also services that I offer to franchisors, association of franchisees, franchisees and their business partners.


The mission of the firm is to offer services tailored to the needs of target markets, experienced confidential and professional services, excellent customer service and legal and practical solutions to issues that may arise in the course of the regular and punctual activities of clients.

The key to attaining the mission of the firm requires investing in clients by learning about their business activities and their requirements for legal and consulting services. I remain available to meet with you and make a presentation of the services I offer.


For franchisors, the principal objective is to continue to provide them with the best available services in franchising on the market, at a reasonable hourly rate and by concentrating on a limited number of clients, the whole while avoiding potential conflicts of interests.


With respect to clients in private and public companies interested in learning more about the consulting services I offer in franchising, the objective is to offer new services to fulfill that need, to provide them with a complete range of services and training in this field of expertise and to provide them with information to satisfy those needs, always in a professional manner and by respecting all those involved.

In summary, my offer of services includes:

  • 19 years of experience working with franchise networks, including 9 years managing an in-house legal department;
  • Experienced, personal and confidential services;
  • Legal and practical solutions;
  • A reasonable hourly rate;
  • « Boutique » style services;
  • A partnership relationship with clients that includes learning about their businesses and requirements for legal and management services;
  • Availability and accessibility;
  • A philosophy based on customer service;
  • Two (2) complementary fields of expertise; and
  • An emergency service.

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